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With our expert team, we produce special solutions for the needs of the sector and our customers with the goal of a sustainable world.

40.000 Number of parts produced per year
25+ Supplier Network
5 Additive Manufacturing Method DMLM, SLS, SLM, SLA & MJF
4 Heat treatment / Surface treatment / Dyeing / 3D Scanner
0 Co2 emission target
%5 – Waste Rate
2 Rate of return to offer per day
%97 Customer satisfaction score
In the automotive industry, additive manufacturing provides customization solutions for all aspects of the vehicle development process, ensuring efficiency and productivity from design to production.
The use of additive manufacturing to produce dies, tooling, fixtures and tools increases precision in the transition from design to production, reducing lead times and costs.
Using 3D printers for machine building provides high product development speed, supply chain efficiency, low installation costs and reduced waste.
The global medical industry is one of the biggest users of additive manufacturing technology, due to its advantages in design freedom and customization.
Additive manufacturing has many opportunities in aerospace applications, including reducing cost and lead time, reducing the number of components through unique design solutions, highly efficient and lightweight designs.
01 Automotive
02 Tooling
03 Machinery
04 Medical
05 Aerospace

Norm Additive has systems in the field of metal and plastic additive manufacturing. Currently, mass production is carried out in our production facilities with aluminum (AlSi10Mg) and stainless steel alloys (316L and 17-4PH), PA12 polymer materials, high strength resins, transparent and flexible resins. According to customer needs, different types of alloys and plastics can also be produced and solutions are offered to our customers in a wide range of materials.

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