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We are working for a sustainable future with our advanced technology and engineering investments.

ABOUT US About Norm Holding

We operate in 9 different countries, national and international, with more than 4,000 employees, 24 companies, 20 production, and 15 sales and logistics centers in the field of fasteners, marketing and trade, technology, additive manufacturing, tooling and sheet metal forming, machining, chemistry, machinery and automation, hot forging, agriculture and food industry.

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About Norm Additive

Norm Additive, established in 2021 as a Norm Holding company. The company provides production and engineering services in the field of additive manufacturing technologies primarily to domestic and foreign OEM and Tier 1 companies of the automotive industry, as well as to companies in the white goods, aerospace, defense, machinery manufacturing, general manufacturing and medical industries.

Norm Additive currently offers metal L-PBF, polymer MJF, SLS, and SLA technologies, post-processing equipment, and engineering software with a team of 9 experts in a 1,200 m² manufacturing area.

Our Mission

Our Mission; to gain a new muscle in our manufacturing ability by taking part in current manufacturing technology under the umbrella of Norm Holding, to add value to our activities, to meet niche production demands, to be among the top 5 companies in R&D and production in additive manufacturing, to research and implement innovative manufacturing methods integrated with additive manufacturing, and to add value to our country in terms of national interests.

Our Vision

Our vision; to be an international partner company that can offer special and unlimited production demands for different sectors, produce know-how on the subject of the discipline, melt innovation and application in a single pot, and respond to the life-lightness needs of the sector.

Our values in the light of our mission and vision are listed as follows;

  • We work smart.
  • Speed and quality are our focus.
  • We give flexibility to our customers.
  • We constantly move the industry forward.
  • We constantly move the industry forward.
  • We aim for originality.
  • We attach importance to innovation.
  • We serve national interests.

Our Future Strategy

The aim of Norm Additive is to utilize the design and manufacturing capabilities of AM thus produce parts that cannot be produced with traditional manufacturing technologies and/or to eliminate the geometrical restrictions brought by traditional manufacturing technologies. The main goals of the company are to increase efficiency, to reduce the use of raw materials, to provide cost advantage for the low volume production of customized parts, to shorten production and supply times, and to provide a national production and engineering capability to our country in the field of additive manufacturing technologies.

Our Quality Policy
  1. As Norm Additive, in order to provide customer and employee satisfaction oriented, production and service understanding; To continuously improve the quality management system by preventing mistakes before they occur and taking the necessary measures to prevent the mistakes from being repeated, with a risk-oriented approach and zero-error philosophy,
  2. Within the framework of customer special requests; To provide full and accurate service to our customers by meeting all applicable conditions,
  3. To closely follow the developing technology related to advanced manufacturing techniques and to provide continuous training to our employees,
  4. In order to provide full and accurate service to our customers, it has been determined as our quality policy to aim for continuous improvement with supplier companies and to work with suppliers that have this vision.

Our quality certificates

R&D and Innovation

Additive manufacturing technology is based on innovation as both engineering and production method. Norm Additive is an engineering company focused on R&D & innovation with its original designs and technology improvements for customer solutions. For this purpose, we provide innovative solutions to our customers by accurately determining the boundary conditions of technical problems in order to reduce costs and offer performance improvements in our customers' products. In parallel with our customer focus, we rapidly continue our software studies in order to better understand our technology and to be competitive in the market by calculating our costs correctly. In the first year of our establishment, a patent application was made for the cost and risk calculation software in metal and polymer additive manufacturing systems that we developed. In addition, a special lattice structure design that we developed for different applications has given successful results in many different applications.


Norm Additive Business & Future Strategy


Design for A.M. / Light-weighting/ Part functionality/ Cost saving

Metal Production

Prototyping/ Low scale production/ Serial production

Polymer Production

Prototyping/ Low scale production/ Serial production

Integrated Production Ecosystem

Connected A.M/ Heat Treatment/ CNC lines

Online Priting Services

Upload/ Design/ Manufacture service on web

Fully Automated Data Driven A.M. Manufacturing

Eco-DfAM/ Energy performance assessment (EPA) based printing/ Digital Twinning of processes

Norm Additive University

Training Programs/ A.M. Technology/ A.M. Design/ A.M. Production

R&D Center

Center of Excellence in A.M.

Young Experts in A.M.

Free Innovation Center for A.M./ Public Printing Service for youngsters/ Design Labs/ Printing Labs/ Workshops


Our Team

Dr. Cenk Kılıçaslan
Dr. Cenk Kılıçaslan Dr. Cenk Kılıcaslan Additive Manufacturing Business Unit Director

Ph.D – Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Doğuş Zeren
Dr. Doğuş Zeren Additive Manufacturing Production and Materials Specialist

Ph.D. – Materials Science Engineering

Korhan Ondoğan
Korhan Ondoğan Additive Manufacturing Design Specialist

B.Sc. – Design & Construction Engineering

Bülent Horuz
Bülent Horuz Additive Manufacturing Production and Materials Engineer

B.Sc. – Mechatronics Engineering

Aykut Öğüt
Aykut Öğüt Additive Manufacturing Field Service Engineer

B.Sc. – Mechanical Engineering

Alper Gelişigüzel
Alper Gelişigüzel Additive Manufacturing Support Responsible

B.Sc. – Business Administration

Tankut Taşdelen
Tankut Taşdelen Additive Manufacturing Production and Material Engineer


Channel Partner Division

Metal Printers

Distribution, maintenance and demonstration services

Polymer Printers

Distribution, maintenance and demonstration services

A.M. Softwares

Distribution, maintenance and demonstration services


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