We reduce energy consumption and waste amount with the additive manufacturing method, and carry out our activities with the goal of a sustainable world.

Sustainable manufacturing is the product development through economically sound processes that minimize negative environmental impacts, conserve energy and preserve natural resources. SSustainable manufacturing also enhances employee, community and product safety.

The emergence of advanced manufacturing technologies, coupled with consumer demands for more customized products and services, are causing shifts in the scale and distribution of manufacturing. Additive manufacturing enables eco-friendly products, provides for end-of-product-life-cycle solutions for eliminating waste and scrap and allows for resource-efficient material choices via recycling.

Material waste is one of the biggest concerns in manufacturing industry by means of negative environmental impacts, and additive manufacturing is greener than conventional technics (such as CNC) in this regard. Additive manufacturing can reduce raw material need by making it possible to manufacture organic designs or hollow parts, reduce energy and create negligible waste.

A great advantage of additive manufacturing is the ability to make things lighter. Reducing the weight of cars or airplanes increases fuel efficiency. In addition, using lightweight parts will reduce the overall energy consumption of the machines they are fitted in.

Additive manufacturing can eliminate idle energy use and maximize utilization by getting rid of machine set-up cycles and tool manufacturing steps.

Decentralization of manufacturing by adopting A.M. can reduce the need for warehousing and transportation, thus eliminating costs and emissions associated with them.

Occupational Health and Safety Norm Additive is a company that takes occupational and employee health seriously and has a strategy and implementation plan in this regard. In our plants where metal and polymer powder are used, our operators continue to work by using special and certified clothing and filtered breathing systems. Norm Additive's annual occupational accident target is zero.

"In line with our mission to create value for our stakeholders and our vision to focus on excellence together with our employees, we work together to create a collective value for a sustainable future by focusing on the happiness of our employees, the future of our world, and our organization."

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