Norm Fasteners – a Full Service Provider

01/01/2023 MEDIA CENTER
Norm Fasteners – a Full Service Provider

Here we have an interview with Fatih Uysal, chairperson at Norm Holding, who discusses how Norm Fasteners has developed over the last two years and highlights the key services that have seen it agree the biggest automotive FSP contract in the Turkish fastener market.

The last ‘Made in Turkey’ feature was in January 2020. Obviously, a lot has happened since then. How have the last two years progressed for you as a business? How has Turkey progressed?

“As Norm Fasteners we prioritise in our agenda the aim to provide innovative support to our business partners together with research and development of new technologies that facilitate the performance of our team. Due to the global crises that occurred around the world in 2020 and 2021, we concentrated our focus on emergency response scenarios; business sustainability management; preparation of quality and performance improvement programmes for suppliers; and increasing the level of automation-based operations.